Mark Christian AKA The Professor

Latest News - I am thinking of making more use of WordPress

18th November 2014
Two months go by and I have a backlog of updates. Doing all the HTLM and CSS by hand was at first a blast but is now a chore. It takes too long. Wordpress seems the easiest content management solution - so I am thinking of using Wordpress for "pages" as well as "posts". Media (since it clogs the database) will I think still be kept out of Wordpress.
New UK Webhost
5th August 2014
Perhaps long overdue - moving from a US web host to a UK one. I have also migrated my site back to a locally hosted site. Since I last looked administration seems a lot easier.
Website reboot
July 2014
I have finally ticked off the relaunch website task - after some 10 years of the site being dormant. I did some extensive prototyping with Adobe Cloud MUSE, Adobe Cloud Dreamwever, but have decided now is not the right time for a £47 per month subscription to Adobe Cloud. Considered and rejected various other cheap WYSIWYG solutions. In the end I am sticking with writing HTML5 and CSS3 by hand. Galleries are being built using Exhibeo. I am using Codekit to preprocess the HTML, Brackets, Coda 2 and Espresso to edit (can't decide which I prefer), and Transmit to upload to the server.